INSIGHTS - September 2019

When Content Marketing Works!

It’s not very often we showcase the success of our clients and a particular strategy we involve, but today I just thought I would, because these numbers are really good! We had a client recently come aboard we did a six-month content marketing strategy formulated the target topics and articles we’ve put together for their site, promote it.

And really without doing any more ads or any other traffic generation services this is the power that are really good content marketing strategy can achieve.

Let’s have a look this is our SEM rush dashboard and it’s pulling in the Google Analytics review I’ve hidden some data just to protect the innocent, but let’s have a look… sessions up, this is in 60 days so we’re only halfway through this strategy and in 60 days we’ve increased the sessions the number of visits to the site by over 300% with unique visitors is up 327%! Page visits are up, so they’re navigating through the site more than reading more content and looking at different products and services and topics in a more engaged way the average duration on the page is up 7% so they’re spending to over two minutes on the site navigating through which is brilliant and more importantly their bounce rate is down as well.

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Bounce rate is down 9%! Nine percent to thirty nine percent that is a fantastic bounce rate this is a good navigational flow around those pages. So I really want to congratulate this client for committing to a content marketing strategy and Sarah in office is doing a great job in putting getting these numbers happening and really structuring that strategy to really show some really good performance.

So well done Sarah and we look forward to future working with this client in the coming months.