INSIGHTS - September 2019

How UX Improvements can save you $$$

User Experience or UX as we’d like to call it is not rocket science, but many businesses chase UX just purely to increase sales so increase conversion make more cash at the front end. Here’s an example of what better UX could do to actually save an organization thousands and thousands of dollars, especially in support costs.

So three months ago I went to Origin to pay my electricity bill and it’s actually a really quite a good site, I log in… it’s very clear, the UX, hey red button, “pay bill” so I click on pay bill and I go to the next page and enter my details and I’ve hit and the result is hey I’ve paid my bill! All good! Happy Days… I was in a rush this particular time three months ago and I didn’t actually read this it can take up to three days for your payment to update in the my account balance well so I’ve gone back to the my account and funnily enough it says… pay bill!

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I’m like… haven’t I actually already paid my bill? Did it get caught in mid transaction? Did it not process? I didn’t receive an email to confirm that the payment had gone through. There’s all these things going through my mind, so what did I do? I jumped on live chat and spent ten minutes talking to a very nice lady on chat about whether my payment had gone through. So and I said to it at the end, realizing that this was what had happened… “so does this happen to you all the time?”, she said “yep! daily, all day long.”

So they’re spending thousands and thousands of dollars in support costs just so because a button isn’t changed so what could easily change is instead of displaying pay bill they know that the transaction is in the process of being processed. So all they have to go is change the button name to say “processing payment”. Probably in an orange color and it’s a non clickable button this can’t be clicked, so instead of pay bill, it’s just saying processing payment. Happy days and you saved, they’ve saved thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars in our costs of support costs.

As you can see here UX can be very very simple! There’s just a little flow, that needs to be changed to absolutely change a user’s experience! If you need to do this on your site and find out what wins you can have and minimize your the confusion users having a flow please reach out to KND, we can help you through this process and run you through some any analytical tools that can help you improve that bottom line.