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User Experience

Take out the guesswork.

User Experience is the single most important element to a successful website. Quite simply, if your users have a bad experience, they won’t be your users.

And, they’ll tell everyone about it.

You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology.
Steve Jobs, Apple Founder

In User Experience Design, ‘pretty’ doesn’t mean ‘effective’.

Every word, button, image, icon, graphic, call-to-action, and step in the transaction needs to be carefully considered.

If it is confusing for a second, your customer will be gone.

Want to improve user experience on your eCommerce website? You have come to the right team.


There’s no need for guesswork.

The UX goal posts are continually shifting as our online world grows, but gone are the days of guesswork.

UX decisions should never be decided by seniority, dead reckoning or committee.

User Experience (UX) The KND analysis, design and implementation process

User Experience – Our Agency Process

1. Analysis and Discovery

We lead customers through a detailed discovery process to find out everything about their customers (now and future), products and services, and their market.

2. User Journeys

Then we map the ideal user journey for each target audience group. How do we get them to their destination or complete their goal in the quickest, clearest way?

3. Wire-framing

Wireframes are like blueprints for a house. They map out where everything will go and how much screen real estate they require. Being mostly black and white, they allow us to focus on how the user moves through the site without getting hung up on images and wording.

4. Iterative Design

From here, we have a very clear picture of how the site will work and our designers can work their magic. They add depth to the plan and turn the site into an engaging experience with a world class design.

5. Thorough Testing

We are good, but nobody is perfect. We never assume we have it right until the real customers are using the real site. People will always use things in unexpected ways. Our deep analysis tools will quickly tell us if there are any weak spots in the UX and we revise it. The testing and performance tuning never ends. This is what we call Conversion Optimisation.

We never rely solely on our experience when making UX decisions. With mountains of high quality research on the topic – millions of experiments on high traffic websites – there’s no need to guess. Someone has already collected the data.

People first. Programming second.

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