INSIGHTS - December 2019

Websites & Email driving the Black Friday hangover

So hands up who doesn’t have a hangover from Black Friday and Cyber Monday? What a crazy weekend it was.

I know my creditcard’s hurting and I’ve just bought stuff that I really haven’t needed! I know plenty of you have as well, it’s just been nuts. It’s a just a massive change for how retail shopping has changed over the years and US markets have been driving online sales behaviour in the lead up to Christmas and Black Friday as a result of that.

And it’s been massive for some Australian retailers and Sydney Morning Herald earlier in the week Kogan stated that their sales were almost double for just for Friday for the start of the weekend which is awesome .Harvey Norman has been going nutso! It’s just been a massive boom for everyone.

But what’s been driving these sales? I know my hangover really is actually in my inbox, my email account has just been flooded and flooded and flooded with so much sales offers and everything which is part of the hybrids absolutely crazy. But it goes to show how important email is for business these days, it’s never fallen off the radar, and it just keeps getting better in some instances because of a few different factors.

So we can keep throwing cash at Google pay-per-click and other social media advertising and LinkedIn and all those other channels but you don’t essentially own the data. So what’s critical about and fantastic for email owners is that you own the data with ownership comes control. So you can choose how you deal with your customer database and how often you communicate with them.

I know you can do that in socials but it’s getting to the point now where you’ve just got to pay so much to access that network, there’s potentially the same network in social media that you do via your email channels.

So you just need to be really focused as a business around collecting that customer data. Keep that customer data close on it and control it and you can really build a great business. And it’s cheap!

So you don’t have to pay those socials you just pay a very very you know like micro cents per email send. Just get it done, I know our business gets a spike in our user behavior if we’re doing mail outs not just distributing through socials. So we’ll see you into the new year but gets that planning around some email campaigns and integrate that into your sales process.