INSIGHTS - December 2019

Get Google Reviews Fast

We launched a new business on Google a few weeks ago called Digital Bootcamp and we registered it for Google My Business, every business should have a Google My Business account I have spoken about that in a previous video which I’ll share in the comments.

However, we just got this in the mail and it reminded me… it’s a sticker that says ‘Review us on Google” that comes with your business registration. So what is a fast way to get reviews from happy clients?

Now Google have just made it a little bit easier than they used to, I won’t bore with the technical details, but there was a few steps to go through to make this happen. But! In your Google My Business profile now I’ll just lead you through the steps because it’s much much easier than what it used to be it used to be very technical.

Ok so here’s our Google My Business profile and that appears when you anyone does our searches for your business name so it’s important to get several, if not many Google reviews in there, and I know we should have a few more! Maybe I should ask a few more people, however let’s have a look at how it’s done.

So I’ve logged in to Google My Business and the first step you need to do is look at “complete your listing” as a profile short name here you need to click on. Once you do that, it’ll lead you to a page where you can just create a profile short name I’ve just done candy digital one word, once you’ve done that, this little tile will appear here in your home screen called get more reviews and there’s a share profile button here.

Once you click on that, you can just click “share via email” and voila! You get an email, that prepopulates an email with this link this is the important link so you can customize this email however you like.

And you send that to your clients after you’ve done some work for them, and they’ll review you on Google and it’s made it really easy this used to be a big long technical URL. Now it’s a very simple short URL you can share very very easily so it then that link just opens up a page directly in Google, with your star profile and a description of which you know people can write a review for you. It’s as easy as that! Get into it.

Make it part of your overall workflow process, that you work through with projects and send and ask for reviews on Google. They’re really critical for building trust for your clients so don’t waste any time, get into the process of it and build that trust!