INSIGHTS - December 2019

Web Design Or Fresh Content?

Procrastination is just such a business killer! Why do it now when we can do it later or tomorrow or the next day! It is just such a de-motivator and so easy to do as a business owner, and that applies to websites.

So often people don’t get stuff done on their website because they’re waiting to do this big web design project or if I just redesigned our site then it’ll be so good we’ll start producing all this content. They might get around to it in a year’s time and then they’re a year behind in their content for Google. Google loves fresh content! Your clients love fresh content! The internet loves fresh content, you need to be doing it now!

So if you can’t get into or wrap your head around doing a big website redesign there’s with good things that you can be doing on your site to really start to happen and stop that procrastination. So the first is you can do this all in a day‚Ķ review your stats. So login to Google, have a look at your analytics and see what’s going on why are people reading what are they’re not reading what are they looking at how can you improve those numbers and you’re just not getting any traffic what’s happening on your site with that sort of behavior. Checking that out will be the first thing to do.

The second would be how does that work with your key product pages so key pages. So often we see that your key products don’t align with what you’re actually selling at the moment, you know, businesses go through cycles. Some things are popular at certain times some services die and others are reinvented so it pays to just have a look at your content make sure there’s some alignment. It’s a great place to start if you just need to do some really fast things and stop procrastination.

Third is produce some content you know not just rework produce something and that could be written content it could be a video you need to try just get some content out there and published. I just saw a prospective client comes through this which prompted this whole video where they’re the last piece of written content on their site was an urgent blog attention customers it was published in 2016! Three years ago! almost four years ago! so you just can’t wait that long people just think oh they haven’t done business for four years if you see their site that’s really really bad. Get into producing a blog article, a news item get it onto your site. And, the forth is really connected to that and I’m going to call it “DO FUN”.

Producing content doesn’t have to be arduous it can be experimental it can engage you just got to do something.But to keep a momentum with it, it needs to be fun you need to enjoy it and that’s what I do with these videos I love producing them each week and I wouldn’t have done fifty of these or almost fifty, up to 49 without actually enjoying this process. So get out there and create some new content, especially up into the new year you’re gonna have plenty of time in January in that downtime for clients. It’s a perfect time to revise well guess that’s key pages producing content and make it fun for 2020.