INSIGHTS - January 2020

Inside our Digital Strategy

Welcome to 2020 everyone! Hopefully you’ve come back to work refreshed and recharged with some creativity to really take on the new year and the new decade. I know for us these first couple of weeks of the year can be a bit quite. Certainly in B2B you know people are doing their own thing, some people are just on holidays and still not responding to email or phone calls. So there’s only so much you can do client work wise.

So, today I thought I’d just outlined what we’re doing in a reflective and planning session as a digital agency, to take us into the new year. So let’s have a look at what worked and what didn’t work, and plan ahead and plan accordingly and let’s scope out what we’ve done. So what really worked for us last year the big standout number was we had a hundred and fifty percent growth in organic reach online.

So that’s a pretty big number for us we’ve been in business for 18 years, so we’re really just starting to drive a bit harder. How do we do that? Well we published content every week a video every week that was my primary goal last year, and I’ve launched 50 and so we’re really driving that hard and we’re going to do that more and more. We’re going to introduce some more interview style, we’re gonna get out about more so watch this space.

Hopefully we’ll get a little bit creative a little bit more creative than just me standing in front of a whiteboard or a screen talking about tech. So we’re gonna make that my pledge I guess this year to really help drive our business even further.

So we had some really great winds as a result of that. What else are we doing the next two weeks? Well one is cross-checking some of the boring stuff as a small business, you know, making sure our CRM is totally up to date. So reaching out to our staff and just making sure all of our contacts are in our CRM and ready to receive our communications in the coming months and weeks, because it’s you know, we get busy and you just forget to do some of that stuff. The second one is we’re going to cross-check our case studies on our website and make sure they’re up to date.

Ours at least six months to twelve months old! We haven’t had time to really make sure that’s up to date on our site bad! bad! bad! I know, but let’s get into it. So we with doing our top 10 projects with some great work, we’ve done last year, so we’re putting our top 10 projects online over the coming months so you’ll see those come on board. Some really great results in that space, so stand by for that! We’re also looking to tighten up our integrations! Like most small businesses we sometimes double entry our data because not every system is totally connected to the cloud. So like what we do for our business our clients, we did a project where we fully did a totally integrated our website through Zapier into Insightly for one of our clients we use Keap or Infusionsoft so I’m looking for connectors from our quoting system which is Quotient into Infusionsoft or Keap and just getting those, tightening the screws if you like on some of our integrations because that will save us time. Time is money in small business, so that really helps! And we’re going to do some our photography refreshing and a chance to look at our stories as a business as well.

And of course I’m going to set new targets, look at some of those organic reach numbers what else can we do in social? I know we can do social a lot better I know we can do YouTube a lot better, I’ve been really trying to get those creative juices flowing by looking you know researching some of our competitors. Research and what else people are doing on YouTube.

You don’t have to dive straight back into work in the next two weeks or three weeks! Get creative! Allow some space in your life and your work day to get those creative juices flowing, because you’re not gonna have time during the year.

Now is the time to do it if you want to do a little bit of reflection in the lead-up to the new year and see where you’re at as a baseline, we do free analysis of your site so so go to our website and fill out the free analysis request and we’ll look at your site do some technical analysis as well as some reach analysis, social search all those things and give you some tips and tricks on how sort of ramp up your digital in the next 12 months.

Digital is where it’s at for marketing, you have to be into it! And you have to be creating content to really drive that strategy and hopefully we can help you along your way in 2020 in the next decade, so talk to you soon.