Campbell Construction


Campbell Construction Co. is a prominent home builder on the Sunshine Coast. We began working with them back when they were the Ben Campbell Building Group. After a few facelifts on the old site it was time for a full re-brand. This is the site you see today – a highly visual site with ample examples of their work and a brand and tone that reflect professionalism and competence.

Perhaps a contributing factor to the Campbell Construction Co. success is its openness to streamlining systems and embracing a technology solution to smooth out a heavily manual process. One of these processes is onboarding subcontractors. It was almost a full time job with all the compliance, safety and licenses involved.

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Having established a robust foundation with a well-structured website and sales platform, our next strategic move involved the development of a bespoke digital onboarding solution. Recognizing the absence of a suitable solution in the market, we embarked on creating a system tailored to the unique needs of Campbell Construction Co. This innovative solution was designed to offer user-friendly functionality on smartphones, guiding subcontractors through a streamlined process of submitting compliance documentation and providing proof of certifications, insurances, and licenses.

Through two iterations of refinement, this custom onboarding solution has evolved into a powerful tool for Campbell Construction Co. Its impact extends beyond facilitating a quicker onboarding process; it has also fortified the company’s compliance and insurance framework. The system now stands as a key component in ensuring the watertight integrity of Campbell Construction Co. from both a compliance and insurance perspective.

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