Offshore Boats

Revitalised Website & Booking Process


We worked with Offshore Boats as part of the Deloitte grant program – ‘Digital Champions Project’. The project was primarily for marketing and advertising, however we also did some fundamental work on the website to ensure the leads we were driving had the best chance of converting.

Offshore Boats run offshore fishing tours out of Darwin and have a great rating on Trip Advisor. We just needed to make their online marketing work harder to drive sales.

WHAT WE DID Hosting UX Design Website Development


Initially, we optimised the content to more clearly explain the services particularly for people that had not done something like this before. We also re-worked the home page for better conversions – clear CTA’s, link to Trip Advisor, better SEO content and prominent video. Unfortunately, COVID affected our progress and we had to pivot the marketing to a local audience.

The Outcomes

At a time when the tourism industry was decimated by COVID, Offshore Boats operated throughout 2020 and 2021 with only a short dip in March/April 2020. A strong and focused Google Ad campaign combined with optimised SEO and a vibrant social media presence, helped Offshore Boats prevail in the stormy weather.