Bishopp Outdoor Advertising

Integrated mapping, lead generation and content marketing campaigns


Bishopp is one of QLD’s largest billboard networks, providing businesses with a powerful platform to reach their target audience. With a vast network of billboards spanning across Queensland and Northern NSW, Bishopp offers businesses unparalleled exposure and brand recognition.

Their B2B website effectively connects local billboard advertising opportunities with local business owners throughout Queensland. The website showcases Bishopp’s extensive billboard inventory, highlighting the strategic locations and high-traffic areas where businesses can effectively reach their target market.

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Location-Driven Billboard Selection: An Immersive Experience

In the advertising world, location is paramount. Recognizing this crucial factor, we embarked on an innovative initiative to empower prospective advertisers with an immersive billboard selection experience. At the core of this breakthrough lies a custom-built Google map, meticulously crafted to provide advertisers with an unparalleled perspective on potential billboard placements.

Seamless Exploration and Informed Decisions

This interactive map seamlessly integrates regions and cities adorned with featured billboards, complemented by comprehensive location services. With just a few clicks, advertisers can effortlessly zoom in on specific locations, gaining a real-world view of the billboards in action. This visual representation eliminates any lingering doubts, allowing advertisers to envision their brand messaging seamlessly integrated into the urban landscape.

SEO-Optimized Content for Enhanced Discovery

To ensure our custom Google map reaches its intended audience, we meticulously optimized its content for search engines. By incorporating relevant keywords and phrases, we amplified the map’s visibility among prospective advertisers seeking effective billboard placements.

UX-Focused Design for Intuitive Navigation

User experience (UX) was at the forefront of our design process. We meticulously crafted the map’s interface to ensure intuitive navigation and effortless exploration. Advertisers can easily browse billboard locations, filter based on their specific needs, and access detailed information about each billboard.

Empowering Advertisers with Location-Driven Insights

By leveraging the power of location data and providing an immersive user experience, our custom Google map empowers advertisers to make informed decisions that drive successful billboard campaigns. With its SEO optimized content, UX-focused design, and streamlined inquiry features, our map sets a new standard for billboard selection.