INSIGHTS - February 2020

When Updating your website goes bad!

As many of you know I am mad-keen sailor. It’s my weekend thing to do and sometimes by midweek thing to do as well. I absolutely love it! So because I’m a web guy and also a sailing guy I run the Brisbane Etchells website.

In the past, we’ve run some quite big events through this system taken lots of payments and registrations. Last night I sent an email out for the club posting a new registration link to the Brisbane Fleets and just before I sent the link I thought I’ll better run the updates for WordPress just to make sure everything is ok.

I went through the process of updating WooCommerce and WordPress and the whole thing turned to sh#t! I took 2 to 3 hours to resolve different things due to old theme and everything clashing and it was just a nightmare! So what did I do?

I ended up having to roll back in the process. Now luckily I and our team actually run WordPress updates for all our clients very regularly on support contracts, so we have a very strict process for doing those updates! It’s pretty simple. The first step of the process is take a backup no matter what! So did I do that last night? Yes I did!

In the end of 2 to 3 hours I gave up I rolled back and started again and it was all good. I sent the email out, happy days! What’s the moral of this tale woe?

Here are my basic instructions for Updating WordPress…

It is to actually to follow a process with your backups and what is that process? Well you can find out on my Youtube channel. We’ve decided to release our 14 module wordpress course there’s previously available in Digital Bootcamp is now all the modules are now available on YouTube as individual videos.

There’s over 3 hours of content and it’s perfect for those that are just self managing a site and you just want to keep things up to date and humming and publish your own content. So all the basics there, posts, pages menus, updates doing all the ins and outs of just managing your site on a day to day basis.

It’s not for techies, it’s for marketers, content publishers and DIY self managers. So get into it. I’d love you to move over to YouTube follow the link in this post and subscribe to our Channel! I’ve got all my last year’s got over 50 educational videos as well and then the courseware in its own playlists as well, so I’d love to see you on YouTube and let’s start the conversation over there.