INSIGHTS - February 2020

Personalising your Website’s User Experience

Devices are listening, social media channels are following our every move, websites are tracking and delivering our data back to us in creepy and scary ways sometimes! What’s going on with privacy online! Well Privacy is pretty much gone.

So today, I actually want to back track and provide a insight into what we can actually deliver back in a presonalisation experience. We actually really want to provide a nice smooth customer experience for the people visiting your website and buying stuff from you online.

So there’s three main types of users that visit your website and the perfect one is a registered user, they’ve been to your site, they have brought your stuff, they’e visited your store they have clicked on everything, we know who they are. We know their name we know their email address, we communicate with them in a very friendly way. Personalisation nice customer experience, beautiful. However, once step back and we have returning users, so these users haven’t actually purchased anything on your site, so we don’t actually know their name as such, but we do know their behaviour.

So as they click through and read about certain things on your site different products, services they might even click on a few products in different categories. So when they return, next we can re-serve that type of content back to them, so they feel like they are actually belonging and you are providing a nice friendly user experience. But we really want to personalise that experience for the new user.

That one-off, click on your site, browser for the first time, what can we do these people. We certainly don’t know the name, or your dogs name, or your relatives name. But we do know location and the time of day. So there’s certain things we can do with that information to serve that back to you on the fly. For example, if someones visiting your site in the morning, in the slider view in that first screen, you could say ‘Good Morning Susan, welcome to you website X Y Z’. There are simple, personalised experience that could drive to a call to action that you could move the person through the site. Another example of Time of Day.

So… if a person visits your site at night and from a mobile device, we know those 2 things, we could deliver a dark mode version of the site. So, again, it’s a soft personalisation experience, or you can allow the user to choose that experience, “Hey we notice that you are on here at night, would you like to use dark mode?” Very clever! however we could take that to one step further, and if you knew that the user was visiting from Hawaii, onto an Australian site, you could say “Aloha! Would you like to use our dark mode site”.

So you can see we can really personlise the experience, without knowing the persons name, very very clever stuff. There’s people to this in AB Testing in conversion optimisation strategies. So it is happening, may not every know it is happening to you as you move around the site.