INSIGHTS - May 2019

Website Bounce Rates – the good, bad and ugly


Every strategy meeting we have in the client usually starts with us investigating your Google Analytics account and looking at all the most important stats that are part of how users are interacting with your website. One of those numbers is bounce rate.

So what is bounce rate? It’s when a user lands on your site on a single page and then decides to leave your site. So they don’t traverse other pages in your website it can be quite bad, can be quite good, in some cases if your want to transact on that individual page like a landing page to sign up or join or whatever that might be, and there’s no other action to take.

But in most cases, bounce rates need to be quite low. So let’s have a look and where you find it, so it’s in Google Analytics and it’s on most of the generic pages around audience and page views, and whatever those are and the number a high bounce rate is obviously not good so it’s percentage X number of users left your site so what are those numbers in a benchmark considered anything above 80 is really quite poor, 70 to 80 is not so bad 50 to 70 percent is actually average, and 30 to 50 percent is actually quite good excellent.

So let’s have a look at some different benchmarks for industry. So for example if I have a blog and I’m writing individual articles and those articles are getting picked up in organic search and someone searches for my particular topic goes to read my article and then leaves then that’s gonna actually register quite a high bounce rate.

Probably in the 80 or 90 percents so that’s an example of you know some blogs have quite a hot bounce rates, but in… this is a metrics from our KISSmetrics and, we have a look at general benchmarks… retail sites their bounce rates are 20 to 40% landing pages are again a quite high 70 to 90 percent portals bounce rates are quite low because if navigating around a whole bunch of different pages service sites 10 to 30% I’d say that’s more like 30 to 50% in our experience content websites 40 to 60 year anything in that 40/60 getting people moving around is actually a pretty standard number but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be working on it so in analytics, you can go to landing pages, and look up exactly what each pages bounce rate is and then work on it how do you get your bounce rate lower?

Again build trust! It’s all that usability. Site behaviour… is it loading fast is all those fundamental things that I’ve talked about a lot in these videos is about getting those fundamentals right and then using calls to action and lead flow and user flow to move the user to where you want them to be have a look at your bounce rates, see what you can do about them to address and improve that user experience and increase your conversions.

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