INSIGHTS - May 2019

Connecting APIs to your website for increasing sales

Full Transcription:

So if you’ve been around the web game for a while and you’ve got a business website that connects to something else then you would have heard a term called an API.

What are APIs? Well it’s connecting code or programming language that combines allows two different websites to talk to each other. So today I wanted to just talk about this in the context of a brand-new website we’ve launched for our long-term clients Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning.

We’re really proud to be working with these guys for ages and we want to show you how we use api’s to work with their national network of franchisees. So if I’m on the site and I want a book an enquiry for a carpet cleaner, I type in my name and do what I want done and all that sort of thing. So normally on a standard website that would just land in someone’s inbox, in that email, and they would have to process upon making the call etc.

So not in this caseā€¦ so because we’ve got so many franchisees scattered and they’re actually working during the day out of the office we needed something that’s a mobile solution, so once the enquiry goes through we API it into Keap (Infusionsoft). Keap (Infusionsoft) is a fantastic CRM very full featured and what it does really well is automated communications.

So in this little decision tree here, it goes hey what postcode is this user from, its inquiry from and then it decides based on that which region it needs to send and trigger a particular set of things. Now in that our set of comms is an SMS notification to the actual franchisee to say hey, you need to call this person back, it sends an email back to the client “thank you for your inquiry” there’s a whole bunch of automated tools that happen in that process.

Not only that we’ve built a little mobile app that the franchisor you can go and do a quick quote response just from their mobile while out on the street, out on the road, doing their work. So api’s it can be very very powerful.

I’d encourage you to work out one of the biggest wins, things that you can connect into your site different tools, different software, that can really make your life what is your online increase enquiry. Allow you to business process more efficiently, APIs are the way to go.

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