INSIGHTS - September 2019

New Website? Plan your customer journeys!

Welcome to this session of Connect KND, today we’re going to continue on with our new website strategy series. We’ve previously spoken about “company” and “capabilities”. Today we’re going to talk about customers and there’s also your operating “climate” and your “competitors”. But today is all about customers. So without identifying who your real markets are, who your customers are prospects, and what groups they belong in, your website really won’t be very effective. You can really identify who each of those buying groups are and then design what we call user journeys. User interaction, get those user experiences to match that personality type and demographic type.

So, you’ll often see a term called personas, do a search at Google search for our “customer personas”, and it will give you… it’s like an identity card for the type of person. You give them a name photo, you talk about their buying habits their age their goals and motivations. What pain points do they have that your business can solve for them? What what possible sales objections they may have that you can then work around in your sales process and convert more customers? What questions do they have in your support for your products that you can then answer and bring back into the sales process? Maybe that customer has to report to someone else to get approval.

You can identify what those that what those issues are in the buying process and really design the ultimate user flow for them. Now part of your website may have specific paths for those, and today I just would like to describe the issues around that that we can solve very quickly.

So in a normal website, this will be your homepage. You would direct… people people land on your homepage and then go out to various pages on your site that will solve different things for different experiences. So when a client walks in our door, usually if a client’s designed their own navigational structures they haven’t really given this too much thought. They’ve gone okay we sell this stuff, here’s our price, here’s our services, yep this is our services and they haven’t really thought about what’s going through the mind of this person, and this persona, and this persona.

Each experience and buying habit, and age, and objection is unique to each of these types of users. So we’ve got to try and create a smooth flow. If someone here goes in through the homepage they might go to this spot here because you haven’t really designed a smooth flow. This person might end up over here but that I belong over here. This person might end up over here but they belong over here, so you can get a sense of the confusion that a badly designed user flow can create.

So what we’re trying to do is eliminate that and so if you give it some thought, you can design… let’s call them instead of the homepage, we can land them on a particular page land these on a unique page and has imagery and wording and text and media that actually connects with that user and then we design a pathway to the ultimate goal for that user. So the “money path” if you like will that conversion is nice and smooth in every process.

So what we want is a nice smooth vertical journey down to that buying decision, or phone decision, or support decision. Whatever that whatever the needs are for their user prospect or existing client that’s the flow we need to design, and that’s how you need to think about are your customers when you’re when you’re thinking about a new website.

If you’re thinking about a new website don’t hesitate to ask us for a free analysis or of your existing site see what improvements you can make to make those unit user journeys really effective and convert more business.

We’re about to announce some fantastic new services for KND in that and some training components so don’t hesitate to reach out keep an eye out for that on our social channels. We’ll talk soon.