INSIGHTS - March 2019

How Quickly Should You Respond to Website Enquiries

In our experience there is absolutely no loyalty on the Internet, people just want to buy stuff quickly, move around quickly. if they can’t fined what they’re looking for on one site, they’ll go to another site straight away within minutes. So how do we deal with that as business owners? How do we capture that person’s engagement and try and actually win that work quickly through the through the website? There’s a couple of ways, but it’s all about speed of response.

We actually really need to respond to that consumer very very quickly. But what is the timing? So there’s a Harvard review research paper that suggests that only 37% of businesses actually respond within an hour of an inquiry through their website! I would think that would be actually fairly quick for most businesses especially small businesses under the pump.

But for those businesses that are in a high churn, high inquiry rate style of business… we were heavily involved and have been involved for years in the finance game, with inquiries through websites, and in our experience, if you weren’t responding and catching those people on the phone or via chat within the first one to five minutes after they filled in the form, they were gone! Your burn rate, your just burning burning clients by not picking up the phone and getting that getting that conversation back to the user.

There’s heaps of other research online that suggests that time as well, one to five minutes, get back to those users really really quickly. So how do you also deal with that, you have to have systems and processes in place to capture that flow. For “tradies” for example, if they’re out and about and there are a small business they may not have the ability to capture those or process those inquiries really quickly until I get home, but you can easily set up forwards to SMS. Get that SMS in your phone, be able to respond really quickly, shorten those response rates.

In fact, that same Harvard review suggests that you were seven times more likely to get a really engaged experience with the consumer if you contacted them within that hour.

So reduce that burn rate, and get those enquiries flowing and get those conversions up! Respond quickly to your clients and/or your prospects and get those leads in the door. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and we’ll see you online!