INSIGHTS - March 2019

How Often Should I Redesign My Website?


For those of you that visit the KND website occasionally to read our content, watch our videos or just look us up, you would have noticed in about four months ago that we launched a totally fresh website. It was such a fantastic experience to go through to revisit the site, revisit our core business values and how we deliver those to the world.

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So for a business owner how often should we be refreshing our website? Obviously on a day to day basis, week to week or month to month, we should be doing fresh content. via our blog and and other social channels that’s really critical, but a full redesign is a big project! ‘Usually’ if you’re taking it seriously!

So how often should you be actually doing that? Well we think and a lot of research suggests probably three to four years. Design trends change, logos start to look dated, tech changes, speed request changes all these little things that bubble along in the background that affect your site and how you are positioned in the market.

Some of its design related, some of its functionality related, but you should really be thinking to keep up with those trends you need to be thinking of reinvention every three to four years. Last time we left ours to four to five years and it was way, way too long we were desperate to change the site so desperate to change it in fact we rewrote all the content and launched new content inside the old site to just while we had a bit of time I had to do that.

So… do yourself a favour to revisit your site, are your clients complaining about it? Is just site using old tech? Do you need a rebrand? Have you changed your services and products that need to be revisited on the site? Have a look at your site… is it the real you? is it the real business that you’re delivering now it’s critical you check and keep that up to date three to four years… don’t forget!