Ultimate Staff Pages
INSIGHTS - June 2019

Creating the Ultimate Staff Pages for your website

Building trust and getting that phone to ring and enquiries flowing through your site is tricky. One of the ways in B2B is really to introduce staff into the mix it can be challenging because staff turn over in a business, sometimes more often than you like, but it is worthwhile thinking about your are delivering your staff profiles in your site.

Today I am going to show you some really quick examples of how some businesses have taken that to a whole next level and then another practical example of how you can do that in your site to really highlight your team. Bringing personality, using quality images as an example its not a cookie cutter approach, you can do different things to really give some personality, it’s your chance for your site to shine.

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So let’s take a look at a few examples. This is a really cool example, its a dev team in the US whole team shot, hey I just want to view the founders. Voila! The video plays and founders appear at the bottom, so I want to flip to the marketing team – so they all come back in, leave, the marketing team is left here and they start waving to the camera and carrying on. Such a really cool, let’s look at the engineers.

It’s so cool! So that’s one example, let have a look at another extreme example… this is a creative agency now you would expect that these guys need to go to the next level to introduce their team. They have done it on their homepage… Classic, staged, shot.

The only problem with shot is what if someone leaves or there is some sort of legal issue with one of the team and you have to extract that. So that the risk you take with staff photos in team shots, so proceed with caution there.

So this moves into profiles of the team members, you can see little animations of the team members, you can really describe their personality, gives you a really good indication of what that person is like, and potentially get the phone ringing a little more often to connect with the end user in the process.

So here’s another one. A little bit more traditional, a dev firm in the US these guys do the same sort of thing with profile shots of their home life or what they enjoy doing, each of them of this resting. But there’s different categories, so there’s a writing component, blog articles, there’s a reading component of their twitter recommendations and the profile section of what he does. So how define that for some businesses that are not creative?

There are some elements of different staff profiles that you can pull content from or ideas from to implement this. It is fairly straight forward. Here’s Gilbert and Tobin, a client of ours, they do full staff profiles, everyone of their team have a contact vcard on there, with their email address, phone number etc.

They have really opened the doors of the business, to say ‘here’s our team’. So if I go through to Elizabeth’s profile, she has her awards, a fairly decent profile, and then we are pulling in Elizabeth’s area of expertise, so we are personalising this page around Elizabeth’s experience and expertise.

Her insights, she has written blog articles, and shared them through the site. So I can click through each of these. Mentions in the news, so it’s really promoting a great example of a consulting firms staff page.

So if you would like to know more about how you can drive some ideas to help connect your team with your external users and visitors and customers then please give KND Digital a call.