INSIGHTS - June 2018

Changes to Google Maps Products & Pricing

Google is making changes to the way they offer and support Google Map Products, which will take effect on June 11, 2018. These changes mean there are no more free API keys. All users must enable billing with a credit card on their account and set up the new API key in their systems. Google has also simplified their 18 individual APIs into Maps, Routes and Places.

What does this mean?

Google Maps has always been a free service, and for the most part still is. They have just set traffic thresholds for the free version. Chances are that your card may never be charged. The thresholds are pretty high, but Google needs your card on file in case you have a surge in traffic.

There is a “pay-as-you-go pricing plan” where you will receive the first $200 of monthly usage free. Most websites will operate for free under this plan.

There are no annual or upfront fees, no termination fees or usage limits. For most websites, the $200 monthly credit will be sufficient for your needs. To protect yourself against unexpected increases or to receive billing notifications, you can set up daily quotas and billing alerts in your Google Cloud Platform Console. See the Pricing Table for complete details.

Existing users need to update your accounts by enabling billing – i.e. link a credit card to your account.

For high volume enterprise customers, Google is offering volume discounts and custom solutions. This change relates to Maps, Routes and Places and does not apply to gaming, ridesharing or asset tracking industry solutions.

To avoid service interruption to your Google Maps on your website, you will need to register your project on the Google API console. You will require your Google account details and your credit card to set up your account.

To find out more, please visit Google Maps Guide for Existing Users

How can we help?

We can take care of the technical details and connect your Google account, if you have one, or get you set up entirely. Please contact us for further information.