Multiple Sclerosis Queensland

Supporting MS Queensland across their suite of digital assets


KND has worked with MSQLD for many years and many projects. Their structure is similar to other fundraising organisations in that they support a community, raise funds and run events, however the scale at which they do it is larger than most organisations.

They operate 11 websites including https://brissietothebay.com.au/ and https://moonlightwalk.com.au/, which experience high peak loads at specific times of the year.

Accessibility is of paramount importance as is UX/UI, as is connection to external systems like Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge.

WHAT WE DID Hosting Strategy Website Development


The main MS QLD site was built after a lengthy set of user interviews to ascertain the key audience requirements. The custom design set benchmarks for the industry sector and it brought the wider rural and urban community together by connecting them to services across the state.

We host all the MS sites on a dedicated cloud server here in Brisbane. By having full control over the server and its limits, we manage the high peak loads around fundraising events easily.