Madam Republic Marketing and Branding Agency Website
Madam Republic

Highlighting brand with a killer user experience!


Madam Republic has partnered with KND on many projects over the years. They specialise in branding and marketing strategy, and they know what they are doing. 

We needed to create a site that demonstrates a deep understanding of branding with the ability to clearly convey a message. This requires strategy, planning and a killer user experience. The design has to be easy to manage, flexible enough to maintain a fresh style, and it needs to let the projects do the talking. No pressure.

WHAT WE DID Hosting Strategy UX Design Website Development


Well, see for yourself. It’s exquisite, and despite all the large-high-quality images, it’s very mobile-friendly. You can tell immediately what they do and how they do it. Their work is of an extremely high standard and encompasses a wide range of industries and our job was to put together a UX that demonstrated that.