INSIGHTS - April 2019

Testing Mobile Websites

We’ve had the pleasure of working with the team from the Seabin Group on their new website. It’s been a great journey and it’s so good to see a passionate bunch of people wanting to make a huge difference to the environment and launch a new product.

To do so it’s been a massive undertaking for them and I love to see their success, they’ve won plenty of awards over the last few years and they’re working through their startup phase into delivering a great product. It’s a bin that sits in the marina’s that sucks in the water that cleans all the plastics out of the water… it’s awesome!

You’ll see a little bit of it in a minute. I didn’t want to necessarily just spruke this website. What I really wanted to show you is how we test sites across different browsers or a testing tool for you to use across different browsers and devices.

It can be quite time-consuming to look at different sites on mobile desktops an iPad we use a tool called xrespond. So xrespond.com and it will divert you to this bunch of tools which you can see gives you options to choose different devices, so in this case it’s an iPhone 6, it shows you how the site displays an iPhone 6, an iPad air and right across of drag you across this is a full browser of a laptop.

So, you can see a few little bits about this about this site, is that we’re really trying to get this message around either… buying so I can actually order a Seabin I can buy merchandise or I can donate so really solid call to action, if I want to find out more, we use a nice clear colour to direct people through to that process others you can donate through the foundation and the menu is nice and tidy when you open it up you’ve got all your options here so you discover, goes through to the detail around the CV so this is how we tweak sites to suit different devices it’s a great tool to use, load your site in X Respond and have a look!

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