INSIGHTS - November 2019

Planning your 2020 Digital Strategy

That’s right people! 2020 is just around the corner and now is the time you should be formulating your strategic digital strategies for the year ahead. You can reflect on what 2019 delivered, or didn’t deliver, and getting that realignment back into your business.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Deloitte and the recipients of the small business digital champions grants, to realize their strategies moving forward, so today I thought I’d just reflect on some of the insights and there’s the processes we’re putting in place to help them along their journey. This isn’t rocket science and transformation isn’t necessarily about a revolution.

We’re not changing everything and throwing everything out. It’s basically a “realignment” of your business… how that connects to your brand down to your sales strategy and deliver it into the market. Along with some productivity tools to help you on the path. So let’s let’s take a look at the detail.

Now what’s really really interesting is that there’s plenty of wins to be had but quite often it is about just realigning not totally throwing everything away, and if you’re very clear about your brand then the rest should follow so let’s take a look. We’re looking at the strategy in particular digital strategy and how it applies to your sales and marketing but getting their alignment around does your sales and marketing strategy… what you’re selling your products and services really align with search and how Google is finding those services.

So it’s a SEO sort of implementation and then linking that strategy with a plan to move forward, a Content plan what different parts of content are you going to develop to take to your market to add value to your products and services? So this is key, because it keeps you on the road it keeps you in alignment with your strategy if you don’t have this content plan is very easy to start inventing content that you might want to produce but doesn’t actually align with your key goals.

So the other is operations getting some productivity tools in to really help save you money to do business so you might be able to save on some HR costs by getting some smart flow of content through into your crm, using APIs and into your ERP system and your operational delivery mechanisms to really optimize your business. You can have some massive savings in here, just by introducing connectivity. So how are you going to interpret that for your 2020 digital strategy?

If you need assistance don’t hesitate to give us a call at KND Digital, we can help you on that journey and formulate that strategy. It all starts with looking at your performance of your stats doing a deep dive in that space right now and then modifying your path and getting that alignment in place.