INSIGHTS - March 2019

Is your website built for success?

Today I wanted to talk about measuring success. It can be really challenging sometimes to find out why we’re not getting a conversion, or how our users moving through the site.

So I wanted to connect our conversions with the sales funnel that you see are connected to all types of sales whether it be online or offline. So let’s have a look at the different stages I guess. We start at ‘awareness’.

Obviously people searching for a product they don’t know you exist but that you’re trying to appear in their ‘sphere of influence’ and the second next stage is ‘interest & consideration’. They’ve actually found you, and they want to find out a little bit more about you.

Intent – “Hey! I really like you! I’m going to enquire or interact with you in some way and evaluate your business and then finally through to the purchase, the hard core “hey I’m good to go”. I’m talking that this is a “hard conversion”, we can measure these really easily with phone calls, buy online and quotes for B2B or whatever that might be. How do we measure these elements back back up the funnel if you like? Let’s go back to “awareness”.

So at this stage, I’m looking for numbers around “impressions” So how visible is your site in search, how many times are your ads being seen all that sort of thing? So look at look for numbers around impressions and views to give you an indication of how people initially that really top-line funnel. The next stage is we measure really through clicks.

So hey you’ve appeared in a search or an ad, they’ve clicked through they’re showing some interest in your in your site. So clicks… pageviews, so have they stayed on your site? Is your content engaging enough for them to move around. Other metrics might be engagement on social. So engagement, and ‘shares’ of content. So you look at all of those things too to really evaluate how you how you’re performing in that sense.

Again measure it month on month, see what’s going on in that space. The intent one is really interesting… so you can set up this is where the soft conversions come in and go okay are you offering downloads? or is it you want people to subscribe to your content? or your blog or sign up to youtube channel?

Whatever it might be, and the next one is maybe a enquiry… this connects down to quotes depending on how your purchase cycle works, but you can see out of these four main steps of the of a sales funnel process, you can actually measure your performance and you can see if people are dropping out here and not moving through any enquiry what can you do in this stage to increase your engagement, increase the quality of your content increase the quality of your of the service offering or the product offering or how successful or engaging your what your content is and get them moving through so you actually get a purchase down here that’s the most critical part of all.

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