INSIGHTS - September 2020

Content marketing Fail… WHAT NOT TO DO!

Every digital marketer knows that the path to success in google search for your website is a solid content marketing strategy. What does that look like? Now for most small businesses that’s regular content published to your site, so long form articles maybe 500 words to a thousand word articles that are unique to your business and your search phrases that you want to be ranked for.

Getting those in place on a regular basis will gradually see a growth in your visibility in google search across your topics. So today I thought I’d look at some epic content fails that we’ve just found on a particular in a particular industry that is an example of how not to do your content marketing strategy. Unfortunately there’s no quick fixes to getting your marketing strategy in place!

Just don’t go and grab content! Be very careful about the content that you’re producing original content is the key and engaging engaging users with that content that is meaningful for your business is also the key. So we’ve been working in a for a dentist and we’re researching some keyword phrases and popular articles that are also going on in the business of dentistry in brisbane queensland.

So we had a look around, found another site that’s doing a blog and we actually copied their title of one of their articles and just searched google for that topic and this is how you can test the originality very simple way to test the originality of your content within google if you’re getting someone else to write your content. Just grab the head the headline which we’ve had which we’ve grabbed here. there’s” an affordable way to protect your smile” and paste it into google search and see what comes back, now what you’ll see here are there are several results… smile guide central care blog there’s a couple there that are all the same so that is a key that this content may not be that original.

So let’s have a look over on this site here is brisbane cbd dental here is a title of the site “an affordable way to protect your smile” okay so if i was paying for some content yep that sounds good to me i’ve got a new article each month that’s going on my site however the marketing company or the content producer is also using this content on another site so here’s smile guide “an affordable way to protect your smile” even with the same image then we go to the third one another another dentist site dhca “an affordable way to protect your smile” exactly the same image.

Google hates duplicate content and will eventually penalize you for producing duplicate content or using someone else’s content on your site. We were working with another e-commerce store last year and they had exactly the same problem they were using product descriptions from other websites for their product descriptions on their site and Google just dropped them.

So you’ve got to be really careful with original content at all times. This is the core to your content marketing strategy content that people want to read, that’s engaging, that keeps people coming back to your website and Google will eventually reward you for your hard work. Good luck!