INSIGHTS - April 2019

Boost your Website and Business using Google’s My Business

When your prospects and clients search for you online what are the first impressions they get? Usually it’s within the Google platform, and it’s using Google’s MyBusiness tools. So it might be via the map they’re searching for you to get to you, but even before that just a general search of your company now and what does it produce and how does that profile look. Google’s made some new improvements into that interface and I think they’re going to move down that path look in more detail as the months and years go by. They’re ditching the Google Plus kind of approach and going for more of this map experience and interactive experience at that first impression level.

So let’s take a quick look I’m gonna search for my business okay, KND Digital, so I’m just doing direct search on Google, and the first thing you see is this experience here I’m logged in at the moment so we can forget that, but this is the first result so I’m seeing my snippets of content they’re related to my direct result but I’m more concerned about this.

So this is my business Google My Business profile, so you can see photos, my location on the map, I’ve got some Google reviews here this is why it’s worthwhile getting Google reviews because they appear in that first search. I can click through to the site and get directions, I’ve got a sort of snapshot of the business that pulls in my facebook profile it displays some of the more detailed reviews into this page. So what’s really interesting now I can actually have a look at these photos in this profile and flick through it’s worth while uploading I’ll show you where to do that in a second, but in a whole bunch of different variations in this and it loads them into the page where I look at that that’s looking fantastic there’s our logo but there’s also a relatively new feature where you can actually upload a video into this space as well, so it’s worthwhile having a look at that. That’s an ugly mug there! But see it’s quite an engaging experience and all from that single interface.

If you are engaged in this google also send you a performance of this view how many people have actually viewed it all that sort of thing, so let’s have a look at a quick look at the at the interface. So to get to My Business you’ve got a log in with the business profiles email address etc and you end up on other particular page that’s a look at this one we have a couple going on and it drops you into this more detailed page around the performance as well as some different options. I can post an article for example under this profile, it’s wanting you to do a whole bunch of things, you can manage your reviews from within this profile.

Thanks Peter for that review, I can do… Here’s your photos, your videos in this so I can post 360 reviews, videos or lots of things, so our there’s our office there.

So it’s actually really worth filling this out, taking the time, logging in and getting this profile really slick so that the first impressions back in that initial Google search is what you want your prospects and customers to see!

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